24/7 In-Home Addiction Treatment

Where Rehab Comes to You

Sensum’s 24/7 In-Home recovery program offers a modern day approach, proven greatly successful to overcome addiction outside of rehab. Completely confidential, this one-on-one treatment program brings rehab to you, wherever you are. In treating one single client, 24/7 and In-Home, this service has redefined the meaning of “personalized treatment”. It offers an intense yet much more flexible option to break free from addiction without the need to leave your personal or professional life behind. Whether it’s your first attempt, are in need of intense aftercare or have relapsed, this more private, home-based service could well be the program for you.

A More Personal Approach


At Sensum, we recognized the need for a much more personalized approach other then the “one size fits all” programs most rehabs offer. Since the underlying causes leading to addiction are highly individual, a program should be able to adapt to each client and their specific therapeutic and personal needs. This program can and helps you to “Live” recovery in a way that is exclusive to you and our on-location approach. Amidst day-to-day life, a certified addiction therapist will be there for you and loved ones to offer both 24/7 treatment and support. In-home addiction treatment allows you to end your addiction and rebuild your life in complete privacy and where it matters most.

What happens during treatment?


When you are ready to begin your treatment, a certified addiction specialist will relocate to your home or somewhere close by to provide non-stop care. With the least amount of restriction to your personal or professional life, a tailored treatment plan comprised of evidence-based therapies will be implemented to help you achieve a lasting recovery. When called for, we’ll team up with local expertise such as your physician or mental health practitioner to ensure you get the most holistic program possible. Treatment varies from one to six weeks depending on your situation but is flexible and can be adjusted as needed.

More Privacy – No one else needs to know what you are going through when dealing with sensitive issues.

Flexible Scheduling – Tailor-made treatment plan that can accommodate personal and professional obligations.

Expert Care – Round the clock professional help and support for you and your loved ones where it matters most.

Soft transition – All positive changes occur at home. Upon completion, your recovery support network is already in place.

If you can’t be absent for weeks on end, Sensum On-Location can provide you with a new hope to end your struggle with addiction. First of it’s kind in Asia, this mobile, in-home treatment program will offer you a level of care that simply can’t be expected from an inpatient alcohol and drug treatment facility.

The More Private and Flexible Recovery Pathway

While everyone is different in how they plan their recovery treatment, this may be the choice for you. Sensum On-Location focuses on those who want a more flexible, all-round treatment program that gives them the advantage of personalized, private care. If you are interested in this treatment program but feel you can’t go it alone with in-home care, rest assured that we offer this program both individually and in combination with inpatient treatment at one of our rehabs. For more information about this all-inclusive option, please visit Sensum 21.

To us, your recovery is as unique as you are. Our comprehensive recovery platform reflects this and allows us to treat each client as an individual with specific therapeutic and personal needs. If you’d like to learn more about this program or any other service we provide for, Please do contact us.