About Us

Sensum specializes in delivering personalized, innovative and completely confidential addiction treatment at a client’s home, our inpatient treatment centers, or both. We effectively treat all substance use disorders, behavioral addictions and co-occurring disorders implementing advanced, tailor-made treatment plans to successfully accommodate each client’s therapeutic and personal needs. Our comprehensive recovery platform exceeds the limitations commonly present in addiction treatment, allowing us to collaborate at a level unique in most parts of the world. Sensum is Asia’s first addiction treatment provider to offer a complete and sophisticated 24/7 home-based recovery program in addition to our inpatient treatment services.

A more Personal Vision


Sensum came to be out of discontent towards the “one size fits all” approach present in many of the private rehabs claiming otherwise. We wanted to restore the meaning of “personalized treatment” and create a recovery platform that could be more flexible and responsive at any stage of the healing process. We understand that recovering from addiction truly is a process. It takes time to eliminate the physiological and psychological need for a substance or behavior as a means to cope with life. Quality, inpatient treatment can be an excellent first step to a life free from addiction but more often then not, further support is needed to successfully recover. Sensum reflects this and succeeded in bridging the gap between rehab and home.

Our Team


Sensum’s leading edge approach derives from a personal longing to provide the best, all-round addiction treatment possible. Our international, ever-growing team of seasoned professionals of which most have been in recovery for years themselves, all share this vision and mission. Both of our rehabs in Northern Thailand and Malaysia employ accredited, mostly western trained, addiction and mental health experts with decades of experience including psychiatrists, psychologists, addiction counselors and support staff. All on-location therapists equally are accredited, highly compassionate professionals with a strong desire to see each client succeed in living an authentic and fulfilling life. Over the years, we have established an excellent relationship with some of the best mental health practitioners across Asia, ensuring additional, local expertise whenever required.

Our Commitment

As an addiction treatment provider with an emphasis on offering tailor-made, end-to-end care, we have wholeheartedly committed ourselves to helping each of our clients complete a successful recovery process. Our values continue to guide us and are an integral part of all of our inpatient and home-based treatment services. Sensum embodies.



Addiction experts with a deep understanding, professionally and many of us personally, of what addiction is and how to overcome it effectively.



No decision is ever influenced by anything other then the wellbeing of each of our clients.



Our treatment model remains to be a living document. We embrace change and continue to evolve as long as there is addiction.



Sensum’s foundation is a strong desire to relieve the suffering of those struggling with addiction. We wish for each client to see and develop their true nature and potential.