Rediscover Life at Sensum

When addiction dictates our landscape, we lose our feeling of connection. At Sensum, we offer an array of weekly excursions to help you rediscover true joy and calm in your life. Let us guide you along your journey to recovery by redefining the relationship you have with life itself.
Amidst some of Asia’s cultural highlights and natural beauty, our weekly outings deliver a wide variety of enriching experiences. Depending on the rehab centre chosen, season, and length of your stay with us, you can participate in up to 12 different excursions.

Snorkeling & Parasailing

Swim and snorkel where the waters are clear, the corals are beautiful, and the fish are gorgeous. Or soar through the skies on a breathtaking parasailing experience.

Wildlife Park

Enjoy Lok Kawi Wildlife Park, housing tigers, monkeys, elephants and more! Also offered is a jungle garden with a walking trail, as well as regular animal shows.


White Water Rafting

Embark on an 8-kilometer journey rafting down the rapids of the Kiulu river. Enjoy the surrounding tropical landscape as you cruise down the river.

Wall Climbing

Scale the tower walls to a height of 10 meters on the climbing wall. With a variety of routes, there’s a challenge to suit all different ages and abilities.

Beach Fun

Borneo Kelly Bays’ beautiful beach area offers a variety of activities such as painting, crab catching and watersports. You can enjoy a swim, banana boat ride and even body surf.


Whizz across the Kiulu River and back again on Borneo’s biggest zipline! Start by climbing a hair raising 18-meter tower before zipping into the jungle.


Visit a radiant, fully equiped fishpond located right by Kelly Bays in Laya-Laya. Professionals are there to teach and coach you on all your recreational fishing needs.

Horse Riding

Visit a fully equipped stable with 28 horses, offering an experience on horse riding for all ages within a confined and secured paddock together with friendly trainers.

Jungle Trekking

Take part in day hikes, learning survival skills and wild camping. Trekking routes follow narrow jungle and village trails, crossing suspension bridges and rivers.


Take cover, aim well and be victorious! Engage in an exciting, adrenaline pumping paintball game in the fields near Likas Stadium. Trained professionals instruct you on the equipment.


A variant of traditional football. With a smaller field and a smaller number of players (5 per team), Futsal makes the sport much simpler, without losing any of the excitement!

Kokol Haven Resort

27,000 feet above sea level, the resort is located on top of Kokol Hill, about an hour drive from Kota Kinabalu. Enjoy an astounding view from the unique hilltop atmosphere.


Driving Range

Get all the golf driving practice you may desire at this large driving range facility. Looking over 270 meters of netted area with many driving bays, you will never run out of room here.


Let loose and have fun with a game or two at U-Bowl Bowling Alley at 1Borneo Hypermall. This 30-lane bowling alley is the largest in Kota Kinabalu.


Enjoy playing a few exciting games of badminton. Racquets and shuttlecocks are provided, of course!


Watch the latest motion picture releases at one of Kota Kinabalu’s best theatres, located conveniently in all three major shopping malls. Grab some popcorn and enjoy!

Escape Room

A fun “escape the room” gameshow-type game. Using the provided hints, solve strategically placed puzzles and riddles before the time runs out!

White Water Rafting

Feel the intensity and the thrilling experience of white water rafting along the Mae Tang River, the charming view of riverside villages, and the beauty of the rainforest.

Temple Tour

Explore the beauty of Thai art and culture with a tour of three ancient temples in Chiang Mai. Visit the Wat Chedi Luang, Wat Chiang Mun, and Wat Phra Sing.

Elephant Park Visit

For a truly memorable day, visit the Baanchang Elephant Sanctuary. Spend the day with Thailand’s national animals. Feed, bathe, and even ride them if you will.

Playing golf

Delight in an excellent round of golf at the Lanna Golf Club. Tee off at the practice range before being paired with your personal caddy for the full course.

Thai Cooking School

The exciting hands-on experience of learning the art of Thai cuisine from choosing your ingredients at the local market to preparing delectable dishes that you can enjoy.


An exhilarating adventure. Whiz through the beautiful rainforest canopies at 80m above ground. Get your adrenaline pumping with rope ladder climbs & other balancing activities

Ice Skating & Cinema

Or perhaps you fancy something a bit cooler. Spend the morning ice skating and beat the heat, followed by watching a newly released movie and then a delicious lunch.

Umbrella Factory

Explore Thai culture with a visit to the Bo Sang Handicrafts Centre and see firsthand the making of the famous Thai Sa Paper parasols. And pick up a few trinkets of your own.

Trekking & Bamboo Rafting

Trek through the lush beauty of the jungle and hike along a majestic waterfall. Finish your day with a peaceful bamboo raft experience as you enjoy the exquisite scenery.

A day in the life

Experience a day in the life of traditional Thailand packed with fun and educational activities – elephants, harvesting rice, home-cooked meals, teach English to children.

Jungle tour

Explore the untouched natural fauna of the tropical jungle in Chiang Mai and end the day relaxing in a natural jacuzzi after an exhilarating abseil down a limestone waterfall.

Cycling & Kayaking

Enjoy a fun and active day by cycling through the beautiful Sri Lanna National Park, kayaking along the Mae Ngud Dam lake, a relaxing swim, and dining on delicious Thai cuisine.

Bowling & Fishing

Have a go at lawn bowling before heading off for a spot of fishing at a Lamphun lake. A local guide will help you get started and then you can enjoy a Thai lunch lakeside.

Lounging at the lake

Luxuriate in a relaxing experience lounging the day away on the lake in a houseboat. Swim, kayak, paddle or just watch the serene scene, and enjoy appetizing Thai cuisine.

Cycling Tour

From cities to mountains, get active and enjoy a cycling adventure through the streets of the famous Chiang Mai Old City, and the beautiful scenery of the Huay Tung Tao Lake.

Bowling & Cinema

Immerse yourself in a full day of fun with a movie, lunch, and bowling. Enjoy a movie at a local theatre, a delicious meal, and bowl the day away with light competitive fun.

Water Park Fun

Visit Chiang Mai’s best Water Park and avoid the tropical heat with a fun-filled day of water slides and pools topped off with a delectable Thai feast.