Ongoing Care

Wherever You Are

Ongoing or aftercare is widely considered to be as important to the recovery process as inpatient treatment. Most treatment providers however mainly focus on primary care, the initial phase, in addiction recovery lasting around 28 days at a rehab facility. Upon completion, there often is little, ongoing support available other than advising clients to participate in self-help groups such as AA (alcoholics anonymous) or other 12 step meetings. At Sensum, we recognized that better, more effective treatment most often means better ongoing care. We’ve developed a recovery model including a continuum care program that can offer treatment and support at a level equal to residential recovery programs.

Why Ongoing Care?


It is important to note that for most, it takes a considerable amount of time to become dependent upon a substance, compulsive behavior, or both. Throughout this process, addiction has influenced both the inner and outer landscape of the addict in such a way that it often takes years to rebuild a life no longer affected by elements of the past. Rehab has proven to be an excellent first step to recover from a substance use disorder. It offers a private and safe environment to begin the healing process via individual and group therapy. Most people, however, struggle to translate this experience into a lasting recovery amidst the reality of day-to-day life and relapse is common. A strong, intense aftercare program is needed to prevent regression and recover successfully.

Sensum’s aftercare:
From In-Home to Online


As Asia’s most comprehensive addiction treatment provider, we offer each client a wide variety of options when returning home. These include:

Sober Transport – we can accompany you to and from our rehab centers to ensure safe and sober travels.

24/7 In-Home Aftercare – a therapist provides one-on-one, ongoing treatment and support amidst the reality of day-to-day life.

Sober Living – practice living without addiction in a safe and supportive therapeutic environment while still following a program including individual and group sessions.

Online Counseling Program – we provide face-to-face group or individual aftercare counseling sessions via hi-speed internet connections.

Outpatient Treatment – in partnership, we offer individual and group sessions as a continuum to our inpatient program in clinics around the globe.

Together, we will develop a tailor-made aftercare plan to ensure you have access to all treatment and support needed to make a successful transition back home.

Every Step of the Way

Having developed a recovery platform comprised of both on-location and inpatient addiction treatment, Sensum can offer an international ongoing care program at an exceptional level. Wherever you may reside, our comprehensive aftercare program can offer the support so often needed when returning to the home environment. During the weeks or months following primary care, our end-to-end recovery model ensures each client an intense, ongoing pathway in favor of sobriety and positive lifestyle changes. Together with your counselor, a highly personal continuum of care plan will be developed, before leaving residential treatment and put into action upon your departure to prevent a possible relapse. This may include a therapist traveling home with you to help implement what you have learned and expand upon it. Other, soft transitional options such as sober living can be put in place and/or we can be available round-the-clock via phone or online. Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to learn more about our ongoing international care program and the options available at Sensum.