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Sensum 21

A New Standard in Addiction Treatment

In pioneering a treatment model uniting inpatient, in-home and online recovery, Sensum 21 managed to set a new standard in the field of addiction treatment. This advanced, all-in-one service offers you the utmost professional care not just during the onset of treatment but through your entire recovery process. Its equal focus on primary treatment (rehab) and ongoing care allows you a more flexible and more personalized treatment plan. Much needed, Sensum 21 bridges the gap between the safe environment of rehab and the reality of day-to-day life. This innovative treatment model boasts an exceptional success rate and is the most comprehensive addiction treatment program available today.

What's wrong with
the traditional approach?


As you may know, the traditional approach to addiction therapy is to spend 28-90 days in an inpatient setting to help initiate the detoxification process and receive treatment. Whilst this can be a strong first step in healing from your addiction, the problem comes when you go home. In particular when you’ve received treatment in a city or country other than where you reside. The old temptations sweep back to grab you and there is little or no support to hold you back. To most, a relapse is unfortunately likely without high-level secondary care. This isn’t your fault—it’s a bit like being asked to run when you can hardly walk.

The solution:
Treating Recovery as a Process


Sensum 21 offers you a more pragmatic and all-round program to healing from a substance or behavioral addiction frequently spanning many years. It incorporates what’s needed and proven to be effective at different stages of the recovery process. Here’s how it works:

Inpatient care – Available in Thailand and Malaysia, you can begin the process of recovery through our quality inpatient therapy. You’ll be in a peaceful, healing environment when recovery/abstinence is at its most difficult and receive the skilled assistance of a full team of experts to help you.

On Location – When you go home, you won’t be alone. A certified addiction specialist will travel with you to help protect the progress made and learn how to navigate the difficult storms of home life. This is more than just addiction coaching. You’ll be getting valuable new life skills that will help you cope with everyday life, so you can learn to overcome your triggers and live a much more satisfying life without addiction.

24/7 Recovery Hotline – Upon completion of secondary treatment, a 24/7 hotline is available to both you and your family whenever you need it. Ongoing support to all involved has proven to be an essential part of this successful recovery program, one that’s unique to this approach.

An Innovative, Highly Successful Recovery Program

We believe this treatment model is the future of addiction therapy, and take pride in making it available to you. We recognized that better treatment doesn’t mean more rehab, but better continuum care. For staying clean is relatively easy within the safety of a closed community, a world away from triggers. However, only so much progress can be made in such an environment. This program includes the reality of day-to-day life. It helps translate the positive experiences of rehab into a solid foundation, and expand upon it. Areas identified that may present actual roadblocks to continued abstinence will be managed. Not just at the beginning, but at all stages of the recovery process. Those that matter most will be included in support of a lasting recovery at home. Sensum 21 combines the best of approaches to ensure you the expertise and support needed for complete success. Better future is coming, all you need to do is contact us.