Asia’s Most Exclusive Rehab

Sensum Signature is our high-end recovery service catering specifically to clients accustomed to a lifestyle of luxury and excellence. It offers a premier bespoke treatment plan to a single client in a completely private and luxurious setting in one of the most beautiful corners of the world. To guarantee total anonymity during treatment, each client has the exclusive use of one of several of the most luxurious residences available in the Northern part of Thailand.



We offer a choice of exclusive, fully equipped villas discreetly located around Chiang Mai to accommodate our clients when in treatment. All residences are decorated with contemporary design furnishings and modern facilities. Private sundecks and swimming pools offer the ideal space to completely unwind against a beautiful background.



Clients may choose to receive treatment at a secluded part of a five-star resort considered among the world’s best. This exclusive accommodation offers expansive living areas featuring traditional artifacts and plush furnishings. A private plunge pool and terrace provide options to relax and enjoy the breathtaking views all-around.

World Class Treatment

One Client at a Time

The Signature experience exclusively offers completely tailored, multi-dimensional treatment to effectively heal from substance use disorders and mental health problems, one client at a time. With absolute privacy and discretion, a clinical team comprised of top-level addiction and mental health experts with decades of experience employs a custom-made recovery pathway in a luxurious and secluded environment to ensure each client the highest standard of treatment possible. This exclusive recovery program focuses on healing highly personal, underlying psychological and physiological causes leading to addiction by implementing a comprehensive recovery model embracing both science-based and complementary therapies. Each personalized treatment plan includes a professionally trained and licensed live-in therapist and nurse to attend to your every concern and need at all times.

Five Star Service


Our Signature program offers the ultimate treatment experience to accommodate high net-worth individuals expecting a one-on-one recovery process in exquisite surroundings with the utmost confidentiality. Throughout the treatment process, each client has exclusive use of a discreetly located, fully equipped luxury villa or residence. To ensure your stay with us is as comfortable as possible, tailor-made addiction treatment is paired with a five-star service level including a nurse, private chef, chauffeur, masseuse, personal trainers and security personnel. At all times, a live-in therapist is present to provide each client 24-hour support. External activities can be arranged at your request to enjoy the beautiful scenery and welcoming culture in and around the city of Chiang Mai.

Why Thailand


Famous for its delectable cuisine, friendly culture and breathtaking landscape, Thailand has topped the list as the most popular regional tourist destination for years. The country’s less stressful pace, abundance of flavors and diverse scenic beauty offers each of our clients the perfect space to breathe, a world away from strains and triggers. Matched by globally respected private hospitals with outstanding reputations and internationally, highly trained staff, Thailand has become the regional hub for high quality addiction recovery, attracting a global clientele in favor of a resort style treatment environment in a subtropical climate. We are affiliated with the best international, private hospital in Northern Thailand including the country’s most renowned detox specialist. With several, direct international flights and less then an hour flight from Bangkok, our exclusive locations near Chiang Mai are very private, yet easily accessible.