Our Clients, Their Success

Here at Sensum, nothing fills us with greater joy than seeing a familiar name when opening our mailbox and find they’re doing well. They reached out, overcame their addiction, and kindly shared their recovery experience with us. Following are some of the testimonials received from our clients now living a much more fulfilling life free from addiction.

One thing I liked the most about SENSUM was the personal attention I was given. This is one place where treatment is brought to me rather than I go for treatment. My life became a mobile rehab, with all the treatment modalities in place and I was left capable of looking after myself and living the life I’ve always wanted to live. My past is gone for good and I can now look forward to a brighter tomorrow; full of hope and well-being. Thank You, SENSUM for all that you’ve given me!

Alman, 35

I can sincerely say that without the treatment that I received from rehab and your experience that I would no longer be on this planet. I now have my wonderful life back and treasure it. It is over 5 years now and these years have been the best years of my life.

James, 46

I cannot thank you enough for our chats and for introducing me to Mindfulness, I am back to being positive, confident and mainly a very happy person enjoying life. I am opening a new Yoga and Mediation center at our resort and I practice yoga and mediation 6 times per week and the results it is having on me are exceptional. I am happy and peaceful

Becky, 27

During treatment I had the opportunity to really sit back and see who I was with sober eyes. At the end of my treatment I had a new found respect for myself. I began a spiritual journey in treatment that I am still on today. The number of good days now far outnumber the number of dark days. My life has a purpose. My life has a meaning. I know who I am today and what I aspire to be tomorrow. There is no going back.

Marvin, 32

Up Until this day, I consider my treatment as a gift. Probably the best decision in my entire life to face my addiction, helped by my wife, and to work on it. It was unbelievable worthwhile and an honor to meet and to find the support of such friendly and professional counselors. They gave me new insights about my own personality in relation to my addiction. I will never forget my feelings when I arrived at the clinic; scared, depressed, devastated as a prisoner and how my life is these days, happy and feeling free no longer a slave of my addiction. This was definitely the start of a new life for me.

Wim, 42

I had been institutionalized in four different rehabilitation centres for two years prior to working with Hans with short-lived positive results if any. With brute passion and aggressive sincerity, Hans made me take a hard look at all the ways I was destroying my life and the lives of my loved ones and why I was determined to keep doing it. He persisted and never gave up when I gave him a great deal of resistance through my stubbornness to change. With his various psychological tools and personal experience which was similar to what I was going through, he helped me to see the light at the end of a very gloomy tunnel during a time in my life where I was convinced that there was nothing more I could do. I have made tremendous personal growth which is manifested by my ability to find happiness by engaging myself in my community. All of this would have been impossible if not for his aftercare which comprises of his phone line being open 24/7 and his earnestness to listen empathetically to anything I wanted to share with him which I feel greatly justifies his pricey services.

Kevin, 23

I am still sober and still fighting like a brave - 82 days today

Brian, 33

Mr Hans Derix of Sensum Rehab was recommended as a Recovery and Life Coach on immediate release of patient from rehabilitation to initially prevent the high probability of relapse. His duties included not only continual observation, assessment of the candidate, but counselling, and ultimately determine a fairly set schedule in order for the candidate to readjust back into society. This extended to venturing to locate and interact with appropriate social groups in order to provide further follow-up with people from similar experiences.

In this context not only was the environment taken into consideration, but the candidate’s interaction, and the attitudes and behaviour patterns of those around him at home. The family members were counselled as well.

The end of Mr. Derix’s stay with the candidate was certainly not the end of his work. His work extends far beyond this; being in touch with both the candidate and family members; ongoing follow-up Skype calls with the candidate, and vital feedback from
family members are well taken into account of. Backsliding e.g. negative behaviour is addressed with further counselling.

Mr. Derix has succeeded in readjusting the candidate into society by increasing the candidate’s confidence, drawing out the needs and interests, and directing the candidate into healthy pursuits with an ultimate goal.

This has taken an enormous amount of time, patience, and skill. And no doubt the ongoing process will keep doing so. The fact that Mr. Derix is available at most all reasonable times, and willing to step in if there is a crisis shows that he has gone without a doubt, “beyond the reasonable call of duty” for which we are most grateful.

I write this testimony as the mother of the candidate who was “lost” for many years.

Thank you, Hans for coming into our lives.

A Grateful Mother

My son was passed around to a number of rehabilitation centers to undergo different models of recovery programs. Despite 2 years of being institutionalized every one of the counsellors and recovery coaches in these centers gave assurance that my son was not ready to be released. It’s during this time in my desperation, I read about Sensum, and got in touch with Hans. He assured me that he will be able to work with my son and be placed in society. Hans spent 4 weeks working with him. The initial period was a very trying period where my son put up a lot of resistance and I expected Hans to walk out. He tirelessly worked with my son giving him continuous counselling and the tools that he needed to fight his addiction and the need to use the substance. My son is back in college now and progressing well in his recovery with continuous support and guidance through telephone and skype calls. He is also in constant touch with us in getting updates on the well-being of our son.

A Grateful Parent